Artistic statement

" Derived from a mix of circus arts and dancing, my approach to sculpture is closely related to my first artistic landmarks that are those of the stage show. A powerful need to entertain and tell stories seeps into my sculptures."

I sculpt right now animals...

Lonesome and vulnerable.

Loosely inspired from folkloric tales or fables.

They are the starting point of new tales...

At first glance, my sculptures appear naive and lovable.

Then, when we get a little closer, the wicked surfaces, bite marks, scratches, scrapes... seem to betray a slightly different reality.

Out of there scars that clash with the first impression...

Perhaps an analogy with the circus and spectacle where makeup hide and, true and false mix?

Or simply, a reflection of public life against solitary life... What we expose to the wold in contrast to what we would rather hide.