Graduate in 2006 in sculpture from La Maison des Métiers d'art de Quebec, Claire-Alexie Turcot already participate at severals exhibitions and fairs in Quebec province, Toronto and Europe.  

Her passion for wood sculpture brings her to develop a preference for working with chainsaws.

The use of this tool (and her love to work in public) allows her to participate in a variety of live international monumental sculpture events.

Studies and training             

2006-2003 ArtCraftTechniques
Option in sculpture
 Techniques de Métiers d’Art de Québec (Cégep Limoilou)


2021 International de sculpture "Beauc'art", St-Georges, Québec

2018 I International wood symposium of Maghar,  Israël

2018 V International symposium « Arte y Tradition », Santa Ana, Costa Rica

2018 Symposium Rustas Plasticas, Amatitan, Mexico

2017 International symposium tour in Mexico, Guadalajara, Tepatitlan, Mexticacan

2017-10 International festival of wood sculptures Montagn'art, Thyon, Switzerland

2017-16 Festival international Movida Wood, Edolo, Italie * Third prize of the jury

2017 Selvart symposium, Mezzaselva, Italy

2015-13 Symposium Félix-Leclerc, Québec

2015  Erto e Casso symposium, Italy

2014 Wood’N Art, Livigno, Italy
        *First place of the jury

2013 Ex Tempore, Belluno, Italy

       * First place of the jury * First place of the children's

2013/09 International festival of wood sculpture Camille Claudel , La Bresse, France

2012 International wood symposium El legno riprendre la vita,  Coredo, Italy

2012-11 International wood symposium Luci ed Ombre del legno, Castello Tesion, Italy

2010 International festival of wood sculptures Montagn'art Thyon, Switzerland

2008-06 International Symposium of Wood Carving, Saint-Jean-Port-joli, Québec 

Work experiences in Art Craft Techniques

2021-06 Original sculptures Private sales

2021-08 Modeling and direct carving demonstrations, Different events
             Maison de Métiers d’Art de Québec Ice hotel, Quebec, Les nuits polaires...

2011-07 Sculpture Teacher, special events,  Maison des Métiers d'art de Québec

2009 Monumentale sculpture in 200 years old tree, Cognac, France (with Marie-Claude Drolet)

Exhibition activities                  

2020-17 Château Frontenac Art Gallery, Quebec

2019-12 Art Gallery, Ni Vu Ni Cornu, Quebec

2017 Solo exhibition « Entailles », Institut canadien de Québec

2015   Duo exhibition, ''Entailles'', Vincent et moi gallery, Quebec

2015-2012 ArtGallery,NiVuNiCornu, Quebec

2011 Solo exhibition, Fibre sensible, Canadian institut, Quebec

2010 Group exhibition, Mon arbre, mon voisin, mon ami. Quebec Librairy

2008-07 One of a kind show and sales, Direct Energy Center, Toront0